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Order Execution & Slippage

Via our platforms take liquidity from Tier 1 institutions. We also offer a ‘No re-quote’ policy. The result of these components is that you can rest assured that the prices we give you are based on what the market trades at that time.

Market execution for MT4 – you will get filled (perfect for your EA’s)

Fill or Kill executions on WebTrader – get executed at your price or better

Interbank liquidity – tightest spreads

Superb technology infrastructure – fast fills

No re-quotes – few surprises

Competitive spreads and market-driven prices

Technical support from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm GMT


PYX offers you the full range of market execution benefits: fair execution of the trades at the best available price with no dealer intervention or the risk of additional waiting time. This might give you a better fill or a worse fill, (slippage) but you can experience both.

On sending a market order request you are asking to buy or sell a specific amount of a specific asset; but note that no rate is attached to the request. You get executed, but slippage can occur.

On sending a Fill Or Kill request you are asking to buy or sell a specific amount of a specific asset at a specific price. If the price has slipped away and longer exists, then you do not get executed.


Slippage can be both positive and negative. If you try to buy EUR/USD at a price of 1.1500, you could get filled with a price of 1.1501; this is 1 pip negative slippage. On the flip side market orders can also be expected to receive positive slippage if the market moves in your favour in the split second between trade request and execution. In practice most deals are filled at the desired rate during normal market conditions.


Through our counterparty PYX enjoys a strong relationships with a wide range of the worlds leading banks enabling clients to execute trades up to EUR/USD 50 million (500 lots) in one trade. This offering enables deep liquidity with competitive prices when you need it.


Our no re-quote policy ensures the client gets the price the market is offering at the time. Re-quotes are a classic sign of a market maker who “regrets” the price he has been streaming to clients and wants to change it when clients want to trade.


PYX offers tight and competitive spreads due to the strength of our relationships with our liquidity providers. Market-driven prices lead to higher market transparency and market liquidity. This can however also mean that during times of high volatility or force majeure our spreads will be significantly wider than a market-maker as we are showing the real market.


PYX offers thorough support via telephone, live chat and e-mail around the clock and level 2 supports within a shorter window. We are here to provide you with assistance and information and hope to improve your trading experience. If you have any questions on the execution of a trade, feel free to reach out to us. We are here to help.